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President B-boy House One

An inspiring play that chronicles the extraordinary life of J. Edson “House” Magaña and the birth of the legendary Furious Styles Crew (FSC). Set against the backdrop of the vibrant hip-hop culture of the 1990s, the play follows House’s remarkable journey from his humble beginnings in Mexico City to his immigration to Chicago, where he discovers the transformative power of Hip Hop.

Lunch Time Theater offers one-act plays lasting 45 to 50 minutes, to which our guests can bring a lunch or pre-order one from the Herberger Theater’s caterer when ordering tickets. Tickets are $10 each, not including lunch, and the short plays and musicals feature some of the greatest rising groups in the Arizona theatre scene.

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Abstract Desert
Abstract Desert

alicia 'adot' doten

cast and CREW

in alphabetical order

Alicia “ADOT ” Doten, having worked recently on a new comedy series Affion Crockett Presents "Microphone Masters" with (Comcast, NBCUniversal) which can be seen on Xfinity and XUMO Platform and Feature film “Goon Squad” on AllBLK. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, she holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences from Arizona State University. She has built a resume in Hollywood, CA. as a PA, Coordinator, Assistant to Director as well as Producer with various productions (ESPN, 20th Century Studios, FOX, NFL, NBA, BET +, Amazon) and co-produced “The Rolling Shadow”, which won at the LA Shorts Film Award. Doten is a volunteer for Love My Neighbor Foundation, a non-profit organization that creates a safe space for homeless on Skid Row to receive the necessities of life as they regain their way back to society, as well as, Entertainment Coordinator for the annual Awards Gala. An advocate for homeless health and mental illness, Alicia uses her creative ingenuity to spread kindness, compassion and incorporate awareness. She does everything with a passion for life and dedicates everything to her late father George Doten.

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dj akshen

Lights, Camera...DJ Akshen!!!!
Veteran. Husband. Father. DJ. Champion of positivity. These are just a few of the titles that define Jonathan Valdez, better known as DJ Akshen. A true Arizona talent, Akshen isn't just a party starter; he's an award-winning artist. His skills on the turntables earned him the coveted title of Phoenix Regional Red Bull 3Style Champion and Phoenix NewTimes' "Best Turntablist" in 2015. He even brought his talents to the national stage, finishing as a top five finalist among the country's best DJs that year. But Akshen's influence extends far beyond competition. As a member of the International Furious Styles Crew, he's graced stages around the globe, from London to Barcelona, the Bahamas to Romania.
In addition to DJing, Akshen co-founded Fader Manners, a monthly event where aspiring DJs can hone their scratch skills and the annual AZ DJ Summit, a networking hub for the local DJ community. He is also an artist-educator and global Hip Hop Ambassador for the U.S. State Department's Next Level program. DJ Akshen is passionate about using music as a force for good and has spun for a variety of clients, including the Phoenix Symphony, the Mayor of Tempe, and Disney Cruise Lines.



 Adrian “AWER” Garcia is a Phoenix, AZ born street artist and curator who
specializes in graffiti and large-scale mural painting. His style is influenced
by his love for both realism, and abstract art. Garcia was first introduced to the creative process at the age of nine through a family member who gave him a drawing. Then at the age of 17, he discovered the vast world of street art. He has been motivated to continue his art journey through the love and support of his daughter and is continually inspired by his two young grandsons. When either working from his studio on a canvas painting or out in the field on a monumental size wall, he prefers spray paint, paint markers, and acrylic as his mediums of choice. His murals can be seen all over the Valley of the Sun, and he has been commissioned by Amazon, Walmart, and the US Military for murals in their facilities. He also spends his time curating a rotation of artists painting live, himself included, at a local Phoenix coffee shop, Tres Leches Café and activates artists at the Almeria Mural Alley in conjunction with the Oak Street Mural Alley in the historic Coronado District in Phoenix. “As an artist, I see the world differently than most people. I am inspired by even the simplest daily routine. I feel like I have so many ideas but there is never enough time to get them down on canvas.”

IG: @adrian_grrcya
Email: Unitedartistsaz@gmail



Brooke “Brooklyn” Anderson, born in Phoenix, Arizona, has been immersed in the performing arts for over 40 years. Originally from Cashion, Arizona, she began her dance training alongside Clifton Brown, principal dancer for Alvin Ailey, at her primary dance studio. As an original member of the Arizona School for the Arts, she majored in dance and minored in theater, training with notable peers such as David Hallberg, principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre and the Bolshoi Ballet, and Jaci Royal of Royal Flux.

After high school, Brooke attended the ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre on a scholarship. She has dedicated over 26 years to teaching dancers, singers, and actors professionally. Currently, Brooke is a movement coach for dancers, with her students attending prestigious institutions such as the University of Arizona School of Dance, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, AMDA NYC, AMDA LA, Juilliard, the Houston Ballet, the Dutch National Ballet Academy, and the John Cranko School of Ballet in Germany.

Brooke is also an official member of Furious Styles Crew and has performed with Theatro Bravo Theater Company. She is on the faculty at Master Ballet Academy, serving as a contemporary choreographer and stage manager for their Spring Show in affiliation with the Phoenix Ballet. Additionally, Brooke performs and competes with the Imperial Ballroom under the direction of Tjasa Novak, participating in the Bachata Sensual teams “Las Diosas” and “Los Nobles.”


bboy corona

bio coming soon.


ELIJAH 'tripino nasty'

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Elijah aka tripino nasty is a professional street dancer/artist. With almost 20 years in dance and 8 years in photo/video plus 10 years in music production, Elijah has plenty of experience in the art world. From winning multiple dance battles and performing on stages like the Phoenix Symphony Hall he is no stranger to being under bright lights and performing. He has also shot and worked for multiple artists and companies. He specializes in the dance style Popping with some training in Breakin as well. He would also fall under the category of a freestyle dancer.



Hailey Flanagan, is an aspiring industry hip-hop dancer and Arizona native. Hailey has been a studio dancer for the past 8 years. At the age of 5, she started ballet and tumbling classes. After that first dance class, she was hooked. A year later, she added a hip-hop class to her schedule, and she was sold. Her natural groove just fit the hip-hop style and from there she added a breaking class. She is trained in ballet, jazz and contemporary but hip-hop and freestyling is in her blood and it has been how she expresses herself and how she heals. 

Hailey has had the privilege of training and taking classes by many well known artists. She has competed in numerous dance competitions where she has recieved  many awards and even a couple of judges awards. Hailey most recently was accepted into the Dance program at Arizona School for the Arts, and she is currently auditioning for a couple of hip-hop only Arizona dance teams, while pursuing drop-in classes locally and in Los Angeles. Hailey’s future goals are to continue to train in different styles of dance to keep her a well-rounded dancer, while focusing on growing her career as an industry hip-hop dancer. Dancing has become a way of life for Hailey, and it is her passion. 


bboy house

Jorge Edson “Bboy House” Magaña is a trailblazing first-generation college graduate, holding a B.A. in Psychology/Sociology and an M.F.A from ASU. With over three decades as a dedicated practitioner of Hip Hop dance, specializing in breakin', Magaña has made substantial contributions to Arizona's art communities. Co-founding the Furious Styles Crew, he played a pivotal role in creating collaborations and socially engaged work.

His remarkable stage career spans international tours in Japan, representing Team USA in prestigious events like Red Bull's London “Beat Battle," New Zealand’s X-Air games, and Germany's "Battle of the Year." Magaña has been part of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns fast Breaker, Wnba’s Hip Hop Squad, and featured in notable music videos.

Beyond performing, Magaña actively nurtures Hip Hop dance, teaching, competing, and judging across Europe to develop Furious Styles Crew's global presence. As a Clinical Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, he has helped shape the Hip Hop program and curricula. In 2024, Magaña will also supervise his team through the Next Level program, having previously been selected by the U.S. Department of State for two residencies in the 2017-2018 Next Level program. During this program, he led art workshops inspiring local artists and young people in Morocco, promoting entrepreneurship and conflict resolution.

Recognized for his contributions, Magaña received the Mayor's Award in Phoenix, AZ, and is acknowledged on the national platform for organizing the most exceptional events in the U.S. His journey exemplifies resilience, artistic excellence, and a commitment to education and community development.


johnny castro

Johnny Castro is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Critical Dance Studies at the University of California, Riverside. He is a full-time professor at the University of Arizona and a Teaching Assistant at the University of California, Riverside. His research is rooted in the lived experiences of street dancers and examines the relationships between social media and feelings of belonging and dis-belonging as experienced by street dancers. He is a member of the Furious Styles Crew and co-founder of the Worth The Weight event series.  Johnny is a leader in the Arizona Dance community as a bboy, practitioner, and event organizer/host & has witnessed unique aesthetic trends from the Arizona dance scene



Jor-El Ocean Estrada was born on a sunny day in Los Angeles, California, in 2018. He recently celebrated his 6th birthday this past March and has just graduated from kindergarten, ready to embark on his first-grade journey. An adventurous spirit, Jor-El loves trying new things, dancing, drawing, traveling, and, most of all, laughing. He also loves reading books, and learning about all the continents on earth. He recently ran his first 5K with his grandpa, Papa Jorge. His favorite color is blue, and he adores Paw Patrol and PJ Masks



Joaquin Diaz but everybody knows him as “Kino”. The little kid who breaks. Who loves hanging around the community and battle scene. He is 9 years old and has been breaking for 4 years. Breaking has given him the opportunity to win some awesome battles but his favorite part is traveling to battles. Where he gets to meet other little kids who enjoy breaking  just like him. Kino enjoys the music, environment, people and getting to learn new moves. His favorite thing about breaking is just having FUN. 
Kino has had the honor of participating in many Furious Style Crew projects and shows around the valley. He enjoys hanging out with them and just enjoying the culture. He has also had the pleasure of performing for NASCAR. When he is not battling or booked for a show. You can find him on the soccer field. 
Kino would like to welcome everyone to our world. Hoping you enjoy Brotherhoods x Beats x Dreams.



Joseph Alvarado, a local breaker known as Bboy Joey. He enjoys the four elements of hip hop, which are, MC, DJ, Breaking & Graffiti. He especially loves breaking & graffiti. You will always find Joey dancing to any beat, and wherever you find him, he will always have a marker and mini can on him. In addition to the breaking style, Joey loves to rock. Joey also loves hip hop and rap music. He loves artists from the 80’s & 90’s such as NWA, FU- Schnickens, The notorious BIG & DAS EFX. Joey is also known for his battle experience and for traveling to breaking competitions across the Southwest states & Southern California.
Joey has had the pleasure to be part of the BIG ENERGY project for The Phoenix Children’s Hospital, which entailed filming 3 commercials. He was a model in a Macy’s fashion show & even danced for NASCAR.
Joey likes to give back to his community by dancing at local events such as Grumpys club for claus, which happens every December. He also donates his time to friends who want to learn to dance, & as much of us know in the world of hip hop ; each one, teach one.
Joey hopes you can walk away from todays show learning something new about hip hop and understand why many artists are in love with the four elements of hip hop.
Peace, love & breaking.



An awakening of the hybrid breed of artist is among us. As a Multi-Hyphenate Recording Artist, Producer, Professional Street Dancer, & Award Winning Independent Film Maker, Anickan is undeniably a fresh new force.From his initial rise in the sunny valley of Phoenix, AZ to his now ascending reach, Anickan’s journey is dedicated to his Elaborate and critical Artistic introspection, which he uses as a power tool to interconnect art and human experience through all of his artforms. Confessional raps, entrancing melodies, filmic 808’s, and spacey distorted electro reflect Anickan’s off kilter sonic vision. These tonal attributes, his passion for film, his knowledge breeding with world renowned Dance Crew Furious Styles Crew and his aptitude for innovation deem Anickan’s artistry somewhat of a musical cinematic experience. The Essence and familiarity of artists such as Kanye west, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Childish Gambino, and 070 Shake can be encountered within Anickan’s compositions.After his 2020 debut album “SPRPWR” which landed him collaborations with independent powerhouses such as Futuristic, Chris Rivers, Oswin Benjamin, and more, Anickan is scheduled for a fall release of his upcoming album Interstellar Love Story and is already on his 5th single release of 2024


maddy 'drop tiny'

at just 14, im igniting stages and street with all of my explosive energy and fierce moves as an all styles hip hop dancer. from b-girling to krump, i groove to the beat with a raw, unapologetic style that commands attention. with each exchange, i channel the pulse of the streets, blending tradition with innovation to create rhythm uniquely my own.

rod ambrose

bio coming soon.


ronnie 'deadend'

bio coming soon.

Acid Wash

sofia 'pinky' magana

Sofia Pinky Magana was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up alongside her brothers Edson "House" Magana and Odin Magana, immersed in the vibrant world of Hip Hop culture. Inspired by her brothers' passion for dance, Sofia began to learn breakdancing and eventually founded her own all-female crew, Bgirlology. 

At 23, Sofia moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in dance. Her talent and dedication earned her roles in music videos with artists such as Red Man, the Black Eyed Peas, Krs One, Wyclef, and Christina Aguilera.One of the highlights of her career was competing in the reality TV dance show "Dance Your A** Off," where she secured second place.

She went on to create women-empowering events all throughout Los Angeles featuring workshops, speakers, fashion shows, and dance performances, and she continues to pursue this passion to this day.

After spending 20 years in L.A., Sofia found love, got married, and welcomed her son, Jor-El Ocean. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she transitioned to a new career path. Today, Sofia is a licensed financial professional, educator, and agency owner living in Surprise, Arizona, where she continues to inspire and lead with her diverse experiences and achievements.

Acid Wash


Ricardo Romo (aka Stuntman) began dancing in 1993. What started out as a hobby quickly developed into a lifelong passion. Summer of 1996, he was properly introduced to the knowledge of the dance. The next couple of years, he practiced hard and began paying his dues. 
Through the late 1990′s, he traveled all over the U.S. showcasing, competing, performing, and judging. The hallmark of his style was his strong emphasis on musicality
and dancing, often channeling not only the instruments of a song but the lyrics, as well. His unique character and originality gained him admiration among both pioneers and contemporaries.
He also began to travel internationally, as a member of various USA All-Star teams. He has battled and performed in multiple countries. In 2002, he began to teach breaking classes. 
Since then, he has served as a staff member for an after school non-profit program, where he taught and mentored at risk youth in L.A. Not to mention a current employer with No Easy Props and Everybody Dance where he hold teaching residencies throughout the year. 
Other credits, articles, and prints in magazines such as The Source , Dancers Delight (Japan), Show and Prove , Vibe ; his very own B-Boy trading card and most recently a Hip Hop diplomat. 
Currently he’s an active member of Style Elements Crew, Furious Styles Crew, and Oversees OSA clothing.

Acid Wash

theresa 'risk-a' perez

At just thirteen years old, I am already a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor. My name is Theresa Perez aka B-Girl Risk-A, and from the moment I took my first steps onto the dance floor at the age of seven, I knew that dancing would become more than just a hobby—it would become my passion, my calling.
For the past seven years, I've dedicated myself wholeheartedly to the art of movement, exploring various dance styles until I found the one that truly spoke to my soul: breakdancing. For the past four years, breakdancing has been my muse, my driving force, the rhythm to which my heart beats.
From practicing with some of the valley's best breakers to battling it out in dance competitions, I've poured every ounce of my being into perfecting my craft. Every spin, every twist, every gravity-defying move is a testament to the dedication and love I have for this art form.
Despite the challenges and obstacles, I've faced along the way, from doubters to setbacks, my passion for breakdancing only continues to grow stronger. With each performance, I aim not only to showcase my skills but also to inspire others to follow their dreams, no matter how young or old they may be. For me, breakdancing isn't just a hobby—it's a way of life.

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