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Established in 1993, Furious Styles Crew has grown from a group of brothers in (Maryvale) Phoenix, AZ to successfully holding down families worldwide with its main hubs in  Spain and Copenhagen, Denmark. Furious Styles Crew membership includes artistic practitioners of all walks of life and styles in and out of Hip Hop Culture, in movement (dance), visual arts (graffiti), music (emcees, deejays) traveling to compete, educate and share  Internationally. Finding their own voices through Hip Hop, as well as passing these empowering crafts down to the next generations.

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3v3 breaking
3v3 freestyle
1v1 poppin
1v1 deejay controller
2v2 king and queen


JUNE 17-JUNE 27, 2024

an inspiring play that chronicles the extraordinary life of J. Edson “House” Magaña and the birth of the legendary Furious Styles Crew (FSC). Set against the backdrop of the vibrant hip-hop culture of the 1990s, the play follows House’s remarkable journey from his humble beginnings in Mexico City to his immigration to Chicago, where he discovers the transformative power of Hip Hop.

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