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You can catch the squad repping at this dope event in Las Vegas. Squads -WeaponX,Rockany and Miracles coming out the closet! Houseone and Mace will surely be reppin as well.

FEBRUARY 13 - "Off the Wall"

Catch House on e painting live with some great friends, great music and then some.

FEBRUARY 27 - "Worth the Weight"
March 5 - "Marseille Battle Pro"

Weapon X in his debut Solo International Battle representing the USA and his friends family. Shout out to Silverback for the support and helping make this happen! 

June 11 - "Culture of 4/Calamities 14yr. Anni."

Catch the crew repping in these battles.

Weapon X / Flexum and Master Mace / Azkiel

July 15th - "Style Elements Anniversary"

Celebrating a much respected crew and homies. 

House one Judging and this years battle squad: Weapon X/Mace/ Azkiel

January 7th, 2017 - "Can't Stop The Rock"

Heading to Tucson to rep in the 1v1 Popping battles

+ Desert Kid Bracelets/Beyond Attire is vending

January 21st, 2017 - "Cypher Adikts 6th Year Anniversary

We're heading back to LA for the one and only Cypher Adikts Anniversary

+ Desert Kid Bracelets/Beyond Attire is vending

HouseOne will be doing live painting, speaking on discussion panel and vending.

January 28th- "Who's Fakin Da Funk"

Breaking Hearts - February 25th, 2017

Catch us judging, competing, vending and teaching this weekend!

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