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"NEW York Bein New York"

"New York was being NY, tonight!"---MeKnow

After chilling with my pops, I venture throughout the city and decide, at one point, to practice on my Breaking. I run into Edwy Jimenez Goody Roc & Greg Kawika Peneyra at Tompkins around 9:30pm; Later on, Chapter came through.

After 2-3 hours of sessioning, and reading to them excerpts from Rumi's book I had, we chill, when, out the blue, some young dude wants to check our bags for $200 worth of weed. Mind you, we've been in our own bubble, throwing down without any interaction with the skaters and new-gen, confused, warped, teen hippies around us, oh, and the occasional dog walkers.

MeKnow says, "you ain't checking my bag." They almost fought, until the kid said he'd kiss MeKnow on the forehead. We laughed!! Somehow, the deluded kid ended up punching out one of his friends while they were trying to tell him we couldn't have done it 'cause they saw us dancing all night.

We chilled; they moved away. We got random drinks from strangers. We strolled away to eat, walking to the dollar pizza spot. We got our food and ended up talking to a 30 year old, homeless dude, camped outside the Pizzacat joint. It was fun.

We had deep conversations, talked about his native American roots, he played music with silver spoons for us, he spoke about government conspiracies and aliens, and Nichiren Buddhism (we chanted, together, he and I, briefly).

It made him very happy. I mentioned Rumi the poet to him;

he pointed to his four books beside his sleeping bag. I did a bad imitation of Danny Chauca doing the Hustle (Don't kill me, lol), on MeKnow's IG. He, the homeless dude, even Beatboxed and we rhymed.

We walk, after saying our goodbyes, and there’s a couple sleeping on a couch!! We declared #theultimatechill as our night's mantra, lol. They were happy, together, regardless of opinions or conditions. They had each other: It was, frankly, beautiful.

They all walk me to the train, and MeKnow offered to swipe me since my card expired. We ran into EXPG dancers and share love. We continue the walk and "poly" for bit, before going our separate ways. Chapter Peng, MeKnow, and I chill 15 minutes, before MeKnow could use his unlimited. To the trains.

Wild night! I had mad fun with y'all and our sessions were inspiring and on fire, even after I cut my hand and bled a river. I still threw down, after I cleaned my hand, of course. We were on fire!! Reading exerpts from Rumi's book throughout the night was hilarious yet cool! A great way to remember #newyorkcitybeingnewyork as I depart for a bit to Massachusetts. A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT. One Love! Blessings to all!!

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