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The Love of Furious. A salutation to the future.

Future styles; it takes time, energy, focus, soul, attention. Your attention. challenges ; living something different; it is almost unorthodox. Un parallel to what we normally know. Something not comfortable. When you work out, it hurts. When you learn something new which seems complex, it means it is a challenge. It Challenges you. It Challenges the things ahead you would take differently if it weren't for this... 

Repeat: if this isn't for you, then the choice is always yours. Let's confirm now that challenges are good for all of us. And in the long run the challenge is always a great thing depending on how it's taken- whether we fail or succeed within them. Here is a common description of challenge. There is an element followed that is presented via FSC. We use it and it's introduced to you. Call it a foundation of living. Something different outside of the element is in your life. It may attract you to add it to your life. You may have multiple outside elements. They take energy, time, soul, attention, and focus- just to name few. These outside elements may be good either way. Yet they may lead to different pathways. Those pathways can afflict your journey to Furious. Maybe they are detours. In a broad perspective, they are all beneficial on some sort of way because they are all experiences. Which choice of experience did you sign up for? Future styles or all these pretty things. Fun things for now. Although Future styles may not always be fun, take a step back for a moment and look at the Big picture. You have the power and potential to make an everlasting pretty picture. It's based on principles founded by the element we all present. - that by the way is a connection -one of many important and rare connections we all share and most of the time we feel-yet cannot even put it into the closest words. It exists. When you put energy toward the element and you feel that burn in the stomach, that's the mutual feeling we share. When we see you succeed, we share it. When we see you fail we also share it and we deliver what we know best. Tough love seems to work fast. And it hits centrally. You lose an element. Something that has been apart of your making. It's not a guarantee we can replace such a big part of you. Yet.. repeat once again the choice is there and is always yours to make. How do you react. How do you take a huge loss. We also signed up for this so our energy is shared. We also take the loss with you. If it is something good that was lost then surely we feel the loss and are there to do our best to supplement everything to make you great. One thing that makes the crew so strong is the times of darkness it has survived only to see light again. That is a gift you may learn, view, take from, add to, strengthen yourself with, and someday you may strengthen others with it. You may do these things in the future with us or without us and only time may tell. Repeat: the choice is yours and it will always be there. ☄️Think about a plant growing from its seed through the soil, and upward against gravity itself. ☄️ People are walking around it and occasionally there's danger of fire, flood, and animals that all threaten the existence of that plant. Yet the plant focuses on elements that promote its growth. It takes nutrients from the soil. It absorbs water from the rain. It grows upward, minding its own. To be a small plant still growing may seem daunting , but going unnoticed, untouched ensures its survival and it humbly grows until it someday becomes a bush ☄️☄️ someday becomes a tree, more of a good provider for other plants. And it is also the spectacle of that garden. Strongest milestone it has achieved yet and guess what, It's still at risk maybe even bigger risk at that. 

Mistakes. This is the way the human must learn what they do not know either way. ☄️everything else is obeying your trust in an understanding . -Many TRUE understandings do not come whole without the first hand experience. It sounds cliche, but the process entirely must be trusted, and what energy you give really matters. The type of energy you don't let distract you matters just as much. The gift in the process is that you learn so much of yourself. You dig through your own layers and find what really matters. You notice more these Core values. You might have them already and the process here merely brings them out and shines a light so bright over them every love one and people in your life sees it whether they admit it or not. The most important thing is that you know, understand, and believe where it came from. It comes from you and your choices. Choices - When you battle- it is your choices up to that point that provides your armor. It provides your ammo. Your choices provide your extra life you need to make it to the next round. They provide that will. And 30 choices ago and even until now the choice lays before you and it is always yours to make. ☄️Question the guidance only to find the answer later. ☄️The answer finds you where you stand in the moment. To quote a legend (Ken Swift) " Where ever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be." The choice is always there and it is the tyranny of freedom you must overcome in order to get where you and your heart must be. Styles upon Styles with Collective energy We call it love sometimes because that's when we speak of good experiences together. The concept of genuine love between all of us is defined when this collective energy is felt in different walks of life through seasons upon seasons. 

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