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Mccarren Park

The Universe brings a special touch to life in all the emotions and feelings we discover from within ourselves. They are the very essence of what motivates and inspires us to move, write, produce , paint, and freestyle flow in the hope we express and put out this energy which -faithfully- comes back to us ten times fold. The reason why the universe would do that is since we are feeding it , we would be sustained to grow and continue.

Just do good and trust the Universe - a Friend of Mine once told me that faith alone would not be enough, however Faith with Effort is a stronger belief.


This time I have had in New York City alone has had much to offer with highlighting experiences.

Dancing and training outdoors during the summer sets the romance in existence. - (or any of the warmer months not containing those days that are.. you know.. Brick.. (freezing cold) -

I could agree a wide amount that this indeed is what makes my time here in NY special when it comes to the B boy- or my own entire - lifestyle here.

Mccarren Park located in Williamsburg has this aura and atmosphere which uplifts spirit and focus , making a special experience for training and session.

There is actually some rich history with the many different peeps who come here. Mighty Mike (Master Mind Rocker) has been holding down well and for quite an amount of time. Many Visitors from all around the world have been attracted and visited the park session on behalf of his quirky Flyers. I think they are great!

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