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-The Tools of War-

There were times when I found myself at the edge of fatigue, low funds for an easy proper diet, and always the restlessness of doing what I set out to do during my Time in New york City. It was the 1st of September, a day when the weather was humid yet rainy. I wanted to head out to Tools of War park jam series. Tools of War founded by Jorge Fable Pabon & Christie Z Plabon is my favorite Jam in New york. - A Park Jam featuring Raw classic Dj line ups from Premier to Grand Wizard Theodore. It as an exclusive New York attraction with an underground feel for classic Hip Hop culture yet it headlines all the greats. Long time dedicated practitioners and lovers of the music from New York will be found at these events as well as other world traveling Hip Hop heads -including Bboys/Bgirls - and Djs mostly. A trip from Astoria Queens to the Bronx was about 45 minutes to an hour depending on which part of the Bronx i was heading to. Because of the rain, the park jam had been relocated to the Bronx Music Heritage Museum. making it closer.. about a solid 50 minute commute (N,Q to the 1,2,3, Up) It would be handled and co hosted by Living Legendary, Jazz Music culture contributor, Bobby Sanabria. Whom not until afterwards I can truthfully say I knew the significance of his Music work. It was not a huge turn out because of the weather however it was the right people for the right day and the right record keeper's (me) kind of perspective. 'I had witnessed a battle going on between Slex (TBB) vs Bboy Fayez (Spain) and then a Bgirl from Barcelona, Nere. She gave Bboy Chief 69 a run for his money at moments during an all out cypher scuffle of styles between The Bronx Boys and Spain. I just stood there and watched as the two sides responded -holding it down well from both ends. Other peeps such as Sweemo from Prague - Talented Bgirl and MMR anniversary Rocking champion we're present.

We all got down -and Bobby Sanabria had taken myself and Sweemo aside and engaged in conversation. After sharing how he loved our dancing he asked to take a picture with us following sharing just a bit of what he does and his role there for the Bronx Museum. I of course still had not done some of the research yet that I have now currently so his humbleness had left me clueless yet feeling incredibly welcomed and accepted by the Bronx community. To further that feeling I also had engaged in great conversation sharing my introduction to New York and learning the lives others in the area.

After the Jam me and several of the Dancers who came to the jam were hanging out on the concrete near some benches on a middle median off Louis Nine Boulevard. Talking shit and whatever pertained to the jam regarding the fun of it. Local Passer-byers sharing connection. Us sharing our identities as Bboys /Bgirls. amongst all things happening within the meeting of people during a low-key event in the Bronx dedicated to HipHop Culture and all of its Music in and outside influences… -This is what a good vibe is and what the Original cultural practice of getting down meant. - We got the acceptance.. The understanding.. this Eye to Eye agreement on the World.

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